NABERS Co-Assess Pilot Program.

NABERS exciting new changes

NABERS Co-Assess Pilot Program

NABERS is currently undergoing some exciting new changes with their team currently running a pilot program to develop the NABERS Co-Assess Energy Rating tool.

NABERS Co-Assess pilot program (Also known as NABERS Combined) is paving the way forward to allow a single application to assess building and office tenancies together.

Currently, the NABERS assessment of either the tenant office space or base building is treated in a soloed manner meaning each rating focusses on either the tenancy or base building to the exclusion of the other, even though in many cases the data is already available to assess them both concurrently

NABERS Co-Assess a.k.a. NABERS Combined

The pilot program has been running since March 2017 with HFM proud to be participating. The process will focus on areas such as:

  • Streamlining rules and application process
  • Stakeholder engagement – especially for tenants
  • Post rating involvement and follow-up

Landlords across Australia have already shown strong interest in participating in this NABERS Co-Assess pilot program as it provides an excellent opportunity to engage with their tenants and demonstrate their commitment to measuring and improving energy efficiency.

Many tenants have likewise shown they are keen to participate in the pilot program as they are excited to use the proven and robust NABERS tool to measure the energy efficiency of their tenancies and benchmark their performance on a national basis.

The new tool will be an easy way for tenants to getter better data on the efficiency of their tenancies and provide a baseline for working on future improvements.

With NABERS Co-Assess pilot program currently underway and scheduled for roll mid-2018 HFM  is very excited about the future of NABERS and improving office energy efficiency.

HFM Asset Management is a Building Efficiency company that has been involved in this program for over a decade. one of HFM’s key solutions is to help clients improve the environmental performance of their buildings.

To get to know HFM’s NABERS team click here, for more information contact us Australia-wide on 1300 021 420 or via email on [email protected]

We offer tailored Engineering Solutions to improve the efficiency of any type of site, anywhere in Australia.

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