Award-winning Hotel’s Energy Reduction Journey

Perth case study
Perth, WA


4-Star Hotel with large function centre engaged HFM to review the status of their building.

As part of the project, the central chiller and room HVAC were replaced, solar PV deployed, maintenance management systems were updated, and training was provided to key personnel.

Key results of this project involve significant reduction in energy consumption and winning an Environmental Practice award.

Planning & Implementation

HFM were engaged by the owner to:

  • Review the status of the central chilled water plant.
  • Provide alternative options for the deployment of solar to the main complex.
  • Review potential benefits for the deployment of power factor equipment.
  • Provision of training to hotel personnel on:
    • Maintenance management
    • Energy conservation
    • Demand Management


Maintenance Management Systems $4,500
Room HVAC Refurbishment $28,800
Metering $7,000
Deployment of Solar PV $128,800
Central Chiller Replacement $441,000
TOTAL $662,000


  • Reduction in electricity consumption of 161,244 kWh between 2017 and 2018 from the Solar PV, and a reduction in expenditure $28,000 ROI – 22%.
  • Reduction of 235,000 kWh related to the HVAC upgrades and a reduction in expenditure $40,200 ROI – 9.1%.
  • Winner of the Best Environmental Practice Award.
  • Additionally, the Electricity Procurement, Gas Procurement and Demand Side Management Services provided by HFM helped the hotel achieve further cost-related savings.

Building Background

The building was constructed over 35 years ago and has undergone several refurbishments since.

Performance Management Strategy

HFM was responsible for carrying out a technical review of central plant and equipment and management systems of the hotel. This identified a range of measures for improving the hotels performance primarily by replacing the central plant which was at the end of life and upgrading the room Fan coil units.

  • The installation of solar 100kW PV
  • Installation of a Power Factor Correction unit

Retrofit Technology

  • Installation of a new central chiller and associated controls
  • Installation of power factor correction unit Renewables
  • Installation of Solar PV system to the main building
  • Installation of Solar PV system to the main building

Commercial Factors

The property was required to operate as an ongoing concern throughout the refurbishment phase of the project.

Key Outcomes

  • Best Environmental Practice Award Australian Hotels Association
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