Northlands Shopping Centre HVAC Upgrade.


Northlands shopping centre hvac upgrade project management


HFM’s Project Management services include a wide variety of solutions for electrical, mechanical, solar and renewables projects.

Check out this summary of a project delivered for one of our clients, Northlands Shopping Centre, located in Western Australia.


  • The central mechanical plant was operational but major components had reached the end of serviceable life.
  • Air distribution was insufficient. Internal ductwork was in poor condition and didn’t comply with the current best practice.
  • The electrical distribution was not capable of feeding the tenants’ air conditioning thus the electrical distribution boards were partly replaced and the cable sizes were upgraded.


  • Installation within the tenancies without affecting their business operation.
  • Architectural considerations / upgrades. Coordinating the design between the owner’s requirements and the major tenant’s design brief.
  • The building was constructed in the early 1970s. Unknown issues that are generally found during the project due to the missing as constructed documentation.
  • Compliance considerations raised at the kick-off of site works (roof access, asbestos, obsolete Fire Panel, undersized neutral cable for the MSSB).
HVAC upgrades are one of our Project Management services – At HFM Asset Management, we are ready to tackle projects of any size.


HVAC Upgrade:

  • Installation of rooftop air-conditioning units for the Shopping Centre.
  • Installation of roof-top packages or ducted split air-conditioning units for the tenancies.

BMS/DDC Controls:

  • New BMS/DDC control for the Shopping Centre and the major tenant.
  • Individual A/C controls per shop, with the option to integrate into the new BMS in the future.

Electrical Services:

  • New MSSB with performance meters for the major tenant and the Shopping Centre A/C plant.

Builder’s works:

  • New roof access, unit platforms & service paths.
  • Ceiling modifications and make good at the general Shopping Centre area and the tenancies.


  • The A/C units were separated by installing a dedicated tenancy air-conditioning, which allows the tenants to have full control of their comfort condition, electricity consumption (by the A/C unit). Simultaneously, the landlord can increase the revenue by electricity on-sell.
  • This project paved the way for a commercial-sized solar PV installation utilising the rooftop areas.
We offer tailored Engineering Solutions to improve the efficiency of any type of site, anywhere in Australia.

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