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About the Client & HFM

Savills are a “a leading global real estate service provider” and have been a valued client to HFM for over 7 years. With a strong ongoing relationship, HFM has always sought to provide Savills with tailored engineering solutions to improve the overall efficiency of their managed buildings across Australia.

Summary of the Project

Savills recently engaged Core Vision, Australia’s “leading provider of web-based Facilities Management and Service Solutions” and HFM Asset Management’s strategic business partner, to create and develop ‘SNAP’ – Savills National Asset Portal.

As Core Vision’s software distributor and implementation partner, HFM Asset Management was engaged to conduct training and implementation “roll-out” of SNAP for the initial regional office in Australia over a 6-week period.

HFM was engaged to conduct in-depth implementation training of SNAP to the Savills SNAP Help Desk Team as well as a nominated regional office’s larger Savills team, including; the state director, property managers & facility managers.

Project Goal

HFM’s intention throughout the duration of this project was to provide Savills with the necessary training, support and administrative tools to implement a product such as SNAP nationally in an efficient and effective manner.

Project Process

HFM conducted Planning and training workshops to facilitate the SNAP implementation.

Dedicated training for the SNAP Help Desk Administrative team members, to train them comprehensively on the cloud-based software so not only would they be able to support all Savills team members nationally ongoing, but also so they would be equipped to conduct system training for all other regional offices as the system got rolls out throughout the group.

As the initial deployment site the Victorian Savills office team undertook end-user training whereby with the support of the State Director, the facility managers were able to further understand their day-to-day operational responsibilities within SNAP and how the workflow is set up to enable them to deliver their services effectively and efficiently.

After the face-to-face training sessions, HFM provided additional consulting support to the Savills SNAP Help Desk administrative team to ensure that the implementation was going smoothly as well as to answer any additional system queries which may have surfaced after the training and initial deployment.

Client's Feedback

Savills SNAP
Ian Perryman
Help Desk Co-ordinator

“The Administrator Training and subsequent Consultation Support from HFM was clear and simple and delivered with an understanding of our objectives. The face-to-face training with Tayla was well paced and focus was given to the key areas required for the team. During the initial SNAP rollout, time was given in a very flexible manner during the weekly consultation period plus quick responses to more urgent ad-hoc questions.”

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