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Residential Strata Complex
Residential strata buildings

Implementation of efficient & innovative Facility Management


HFM were engaged by the owners of a Residential Strata complex to provide facility management services via implementation of an on-site Facility Manager as well as ongoing Facility Advisory and consulting services provided by the larger HFM team.

About the client

The residential complex consists of 5 buildings, recreation and leisure facilities (i.e gym, pool etc.) and 82 apartments.


HFM was awarded with the 2018 Excellence in FM Award Residential (nationally), thanks to this project. The implementation of the myBuildings™ platform was a key component of this project’s success.

David Chokolich accepting the FM in Excellence Residential 2018 Award on behalf of HFM Asset Management

Brief Description of Methodology/Approach

In order to deliver this contracted service, HFM implemented the use of the myBuildings™ platform powered by Core Vision, in order to provide an engineered and cost-effective solution to efficient facility manage this complex. The brief process for commencing the facility management of this complex consisted of:

  • HFM senior management hiring, training & implementing a well suited and capable Facility Manager to the property.
  • HFM senior consultant(s) and/or engineering consultants attended the site to get an in-depth understanding of the complex as well as collect a series of data including assets, location details, documentation and photographic details to be uploaded into the myBuildings™ platform
  • HFM data analysts & consultants used the information gathered to set up, populate and configure the web-based platform ready for use by the Facility Manager and other HFM supervisors.


HFM has been providing on-site Facility Management and Utility Performance Consulting services for this residential complex since 2013.

Through the implementation of Core Vision’s myBuildings™ platform, HFM has helped the complex maintain its documentation, compliance preventative maintenance schedules, contractor details, assets and much more in one central location producing not only cost-savings for budgeting and CAPEX purposes and has also increased tenant and stakeholder satisfaction.

Building Manager's feedback about myBuildings™

“My role as Building Manager at this residential building is made easier each day with the use of myBuildings™. This is a very streamlined system that allows us to make direct contact with contractors that visit the site to perform the many maintenance and safety services we require to be fully compliant with safety, health and lifestyle requirements for tenancy within a residential complex.

The use of this program provides a one-stop shop for all of our needs in sourcing quotes, checking contracts, induction of contractors, requesting works, keeping a record of our contract and monthly reporting, keeping accurate contractor details, maintaining insurance records and for incident reporting within the complex. We have used this system now for nearly 5 years and I very quickly became fully conversant with this system when introduced as it makes so much sense and is extremely user-friendly.”

For over 15 years we’ve been transforming sites across Australia into efficient, economic and compliant assets for our clients.
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