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Wine Production Powered by the Sun

About the client

Founded in 1840, Sandalford Winery is one of Western Australia’s oldest and largest privately-owned wineries. Sandalford Winery has a long-standing commitment to quality, innovation and the environment.

The Challenge

Energy can be one of the main production costs in an industrial facility such as a
winery. The main challenge for this project was to reduce electricity expenditure and improve the winery’s carbon footprint.

Planning & Implementation

The initial step during the planning stage was to undertake a holistic analysis to:

  • Understand the various activities and processes specific to a winery
  • Identify opportunities for improvement
  • Develop a business case for further investment

HFM found large opportunities existed for reductions in energy expenditure through a combination of passive and active measures.

Solar Panels
A brand new 100kW PV solar system was installed, which was designed by HFM and installed by Infinite Energy.
Diesel Generator
A new 500kVA diesel generator was installed, which provides peak demand management and emergency backup power.
Power Factor Unit
A power factor correction unit was installed, which will have an improved effect on energy consumption.
HFM’s energy management platform (Yardstick) is utilised by the winery to effectively track energy usage.
Solar and renewables

Solar Panel Installation


The recommendations and expenditure reduction targets identified in the initial
business case have been successfully delivered.

The solar system generates a significant portion of the wineries daily energy requirement.

Sandalford’s maximum demand was reduced to zero in the 2015-2016 financial year. This is expected to provide savings of approximately $75,000 once the retailer adjusts the capacity charges for the site. This was a great achievement for all parties involved.

HFM’s Support after Project’s Completion

HFM has continued working with the onsite team to consistently implement the seasonal plan for offsetting capacity charges.

The infrastructure and technology in place assist with the achievement of longer-term economic and environmental savings.

Education and awareness programs have been implemented to promote the project’s benefits.

Education and Awareness Program

  1. Poster-board LCD display within the cellar door
  2. Winery Tours
  3. Industry site visits

Ongoing analysis and system optimisation have been implemented using HFM’s online monitoring systems.

To find out more about this project, don’t miss this article published by Retrofit Australia.

$118,000 / annum
4-year payback period
3,150 Tonnes C02-e over project life
114 cars removed from the road
Trees grown for 25 year
Mains Electricity
Solar Electricity
Cellar Sales, F&B
Top Sheds
Solar Export
Underground Cellar
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