Karratha International Hotel’s Energy Efficiency Journey

64% Energy Reduction
Prendiville Group
Karratha International Hotel
Energy Consultant
HFM Asset Management Pty Ltd
Western Australia
Energy Efficiency & Renewables


Prior to HFM’s involvement, the hotel was using above 1,430,000 kWh per annum.

The first project performed by HFM for this client was an energy audit, followed by energy efficiency measures; which helped the client lower their energy consumption. After this, HFM was engaged to undertake a solar feasibility study, solar design/application and project management of the solar installation.

As a result of these projects, the total consumption reduction over the 10-year period has been calculated at 64%. This is an outstanding outcome for the client.

About the Client

Karratha International Hotel by Prendiville Group comprises 80 accommodation rooms, function area with 70 seats, swimming pool, bar and a restaurant.


One of the main challenges was the property’s large footprint at the time it was purchased by our client, Karratha International Hotel by Prendiville Group

In addition to this, the accommodation buildings are spread around the property, which made it challenging for the deployment of a centralised solar and hot water system. HFM proposed multiple hot water plants and smart solar PV technology to overcome the challenge.


  • Reduce the Carbon Dioxide emission
  • Lower the site electricity expenditure
  • Improve the hotel’s indicative NABERS energy rating from 1.5 Stars to 5.0 Stars


HFM has undertaken various projects for this client, as follows:

  • 2011:  HFM undertook an Energy Audit for this property and proposed various upgrade projects to reduce the electricity consumption/expenditures. The proposed energy efficiency opportunities such as high efficiency air conditioning units, Building Management System (BMS), heat pump hot water units, Voltage Optimiser (VO) and LED lights reduced the consumption by around 43%.
  • 2018: HFM was engaged to undertake a Solar Feasibility for this client.
  • 2019: HFM completed a Solar Design & Application.
  • 2020: HFM Project Managed the delivery of three solar PV systems for this hotel,  with 193 kW total capacity. This was to offset consumption of the hotel, the laundry facility and the bottle shop. HFM modelling forecasts that the deployed solar PV systems will reduce the grid power consumption by 32%, reducing the carbon dioxide emissions of the properties by approximately 245 tonnes per annum


Annual electricity consumption has dropped by 64% compared to 2010 &

Indicative NABERS energy has increased from 1.5 Stars to 5.0 Stars.

Projects undertaken by HFM for this client:

Energy Audit
Solar Feasibility
Solar Design & Application
Water Data Logging
PV System Tendering process
Project Management of Solar Installation
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