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Water Discharge Factor Review


There are situations where some properties are allocated with an incorrect sewerage discharge factor (SDF). In those instances, property owners pay higher water charges than they should. Successfully appealing an incorrect SDF can lead to immediate and ongoing savings for the property.

Water discharge factor


Where a sewerage discharge factor is considered to be incorrect, HFM will liaise with relevant stakeholders (e.g., water utility, landlord representatives) to collate data and prepare a formal appeal based on actual or modelled consumption patterns.

Water Discharge factor


HFM has undertaken this process for various sites, with some examples of the results obtained listed below:

  • Commercial Building: A commercial building with a$53,000 annual water expenditure, had a DischargeFactor of 95%. During a Water Audit undertaken by HFM,this was highlighted and recommended to beinvestigated. The client agreed to proceed with theadditional service (Discharge Factor Review), whichresulted in an annual savings of $20,400.
  • Retail store: A well-known retail store with a waterexpenditure of over $110,000 per annum had a 95%Discharge Factor; HFM undertook a review based on thesite’s consumption profile to model the correct value. Thecorrect Discharge Factor was then determined to be 80%resulting in ongoing savings of $12,500 p.a.
  • Shopping Centre: Prior to engaging HFM, a shoppingcentre’s Discharge Factor was 90%, HFM undertook areview based on the site’s consumption profile to modelthe correct value. The correct Discharge Factor was thendetermined to be 68%. This correction representedannual savings of over $2,400 (of the $16,500 annualwater expenditure).
Water discharge factor
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