HFM’s Commitment to Workplace Diversity.

HFM is Committed to Promoting Diversity & Inclusion

Infographic showing cultural diversity in the HFM workplace 2019

Some people say that “Actions speak louder than words” and when it comes to diversity & inclusion. HFM Asset Management is definitely a great example – after all, diversity is almost an obvious subject when meeting our team!

We believe this has been the result of acting in accordance with our company’s values of equality and inclusion; as well as a continuous commitment to workplace diversity.

Not only do we have the benefits of learning about different cultures, languages and opinions on a daily basis; but also, being a solutions-based company, the diversity of our workforce provides us with an assorted range of viewpoints. Which in turn, allows us to think laterally and approach problem-solving with greater creativity and innovation.


HFM’s services require technical knowledge, including various types of Engineering. Here are some of our current gender diversity statistics:

  • 67% of HFM’s electrical engineering team are female
  • 50% of our building managers are women,
  • 44% of our consultants are female.

We are proud to see that our statistics reflect our company’s commitment with workplace diversity, especially keeping in mind that according to Engineers Australia, “the proportion of women in engineering labour force was 12.4% in 2016.”

We believe this has been the result of acting in accordance with our company’s values of equality and inclusion; as well as a continuous commitment to workplace diversity.

Women in Property Program – Property Council of Australia (PCA)

In 2016, PCA launched a program called 100 Women in Property – An initiative to champion women across Australia.

This program was targeted to 100 Women/100 sponsors, to support the participants’ careers development and provide further networking opportunities.

In 2017, three of HFM’s employees (Lia Steeger, Laura Prada and Andrea Quintero) were selected as participants of the mentioned program. Click here for more information about our 2017 participants.

Given the high demand of this program, in 2018 PCA decided to rebrand it to 500 Women in Property, welcoming 500 participants along with their 500 sponsors Australia-wide.

This year, two of our team members are going to participate in PCA’s 500 Women in Property program, along with their two sponsors. See details below:

HFM NABERS assessor Niamh

Niamh Kennedy, Engineering Consultant

SPONSOR: Ian Knox, Managing Director

Niamh has been working for over two years for HFM Asset Management.

She holds a Bachelor of Engineering in Building Services Engineering from the Dublin Institute of Technology and a Masters of Science in Renewable Energy from the Newcastle University, UK.

Niamh is also a NABERS accredited assessor, as well as a CBD Assessor.

Her career at HFM started as a Data Analyst. After 4 months in the company, her role changed to Engineering Consultant.

During her time working at HFM, Niamh has been a project manager for various jobs related to Utility Monitoring and Energy Procurement.

Additionally, she has been in charge of the design and specification of solar projects and involved in other projects such as meter reviews.

Her extensive electricity market knowledge and her commitment to obtaining the best possible results in each of her projects, make Niamh a highly valuable member of our team.

Interesting fact: Niamh is from Ireland and is soon to become an Australian citizen.

Tayla Knox is a Consultant at HFM Asset Management

Tayla Knox, Consultant

SPONSOR: David Chokolich, General Manager – Technical Services

Tayla Knox has been working for HFM Asset Management for over 2 years now. She has a Bachelor of Commerce degree specialising in Management and Human Resources Management.

Her first role at HFM was Data Analyst, she then became a Consultant. Currently, Tayla is currently preparing to become an Energy Consultant.

During her time at HFM, she has been involved in a variety of projects such as utility monitoring, water consulting, energy procurement, and application and training for an asset management and maintenance system.

Since she joined our company, Tayla has demonstrated her passion for learning and becoming better every day.

She is currently our youngest team member; however, we tend to forget her age as her knowledge and dedication to deliver excellent results are beyond her age.

Tayla recently became an accredited Waterwise Water auditor and will soon be an accredited NABERS & BEEC assessor.

Interesting fact: Tayla was born in Australia, but part of her family was born in Trinidad and Tobago. With a love of travel, she has recently visited there for the first time to meet a number of her extended family.

Andrea Quintero, member of PCA’s Diversity Committee

Since January 2017, Andrea Quintero (HFM’s Business Strategy & Marketing Coordinator) has been an active member of Property Council of Australia’s Diversity Committee.

Interesting fact: Andrea is from Colombia and she is currently applying to become an Australian citizen.

Andrea Quintero is a Business Strategy & Marketing Coordinator at HFM Asset Management
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