Why HFM?

At HFM, we work with our clients to increase the efficiency of their assets, including some of Australia’s most known buildings.

Most importantly, for over 15 years, our team has been making a difference in hundreds of sites, making them cheaper to run and healthier for the environment.

That is to say, most of our clients are repeat-clients who keep coming back to us for professional advice before making important investment decisions involving their assets.

Asset Management
Take control of your risk and compliance issues, on an asset by asset basis, with the support of a skilled & experienced team.
Building Improvement
There is always room for improvement! Many of our clients didn’t know that they needed our services until we showed them our solutions and how much money they could be saving.
Energy & Water
Reduce your operating costs by improving efficiency! Our energy & water consultants will guide you on your utilities related decisions across your assets portfolio.
Facility Advisory
Facility Management taken to the next level. You will receive professional advice on what to do and what to avoid, to achieve your asset’s best operation.
There is no way of knowing where to go if you don’t know where you are! Our accredited assessors will rate the environmental performance of your building or tenancy so that you know whether improvements are needed.
Renewable Energy
Obtain professional advice from our renewable energy engineers. You’ll obtain cost-effective clean energy solutions specific to your needs.
We offer tailored Engineering Solutions to improve the efficiency of any type of site, anywhere in Australia.


Why HFM?

Our team is continuously increasing the efficiency of sites across Australia. Certainly, we can help you improve the performance of any site, anywhere.

Regardless of what sector you are in, our team of skilled and experienced engineers, consultants, project managers, data analysts and facility advisers can make a great difference to your site’s performance.

What we are about

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Who we are

We are not your typical engineering company

We are problem-solvers who improve the efficiency of buildings and assets, reducing their ongoing costs; identifying and preventing possible issues before they arise… All these while also reducing their environmental impact.

Building Efficiency 95%
Power Optimisation 90%
Water Optimisation 85%
Property Savings 90%

How we do what we do

HFM building efficiency process wheel

When it comes to Building Efficiency, HFM is Australia's one-stop shop!

Building efficiency requires continual assessment and strategies for improvement.

Click on the wheel to find out what we can do for you at each stage of our process.

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There is no way of knowing where to go if you don't know where you are.

The first step towards reaching the full potential of any asset is gaining a detailed understanding of the current status and condition of that asset. Pick a starting point, establish the baseline and then find the opportunities.


Are you sure the data is accurate?

The verification phase is about ensuring data collection and provision is accurate for measurement, reporting and compliance purposes.


Understand your performance, and receive industry recognised acknowledgement of your performance.

Commercial assets have a variety of compliance requirements to maintain each year. HFM assists with ensuring that those relating to energy & water consumption, building quality and fit out are maintained.


Why pay more than you should

HFM will, on your behalf, create specification documents, facilitate the tender process, review and ensure best price and conditions for the provision of energy, water contracted services for your building.


If we do not change our direction, we're likely to end up where we are headed.

HFM has a team of engineering consultants who provide on-going energy and water monitoring to ensure your property is performing as designed and as intended.


Retrofit to compete

Combining many of the products and services identified above, the building upgrade strategy is about taking your existing asset and bringing it up to current or above market standards. HFM will create a strategic plan uniting the objectives of the owners, the available funding and the best outcome for the asset.

Meet our
Executive Management Team



Director, HFM Sustainability And Strategic Asset Advisory

Bevan is the Director, HFM Sustainability And Strategic Asset Advisory, he joined the team in 2010, and his previous roles include Group Operations Manager at Broadwater Hospitality and Group Systems Manager at five Accor Perth properties.

Some of Bevan’s specialities are:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Energy Management
  • Contract Procurement
  • Operations Management
  • Building Efficiency

Bevan has over 20 years’ experience working with national and international hotels, consequently, this provides him with an in depth understanding of our clients’ expectations and point of view.

With a wealth of practical and theoretical knowledge, Bevan adopts a customer-focused approach to operational issues, strategic planning and development to achieve the best possible outcome for our clients.



General Manager – Engineering Services, HFM

David is responsible for the management of all technical elements in both project delivery and HFM’s HSEQ processes. David oversees the delivery of projects such as:

  • Building upgrades and refurbishments
  • Efficiency improvement programs
  • Building condition audits
  • Building maintenance and life-cycle planning
  • A broad range of energy and environmental reporting

With over 20 years within the Building Services and Facilities Management industry, David has extensive experience through the whole building life cycle from design, construction and operation. He built his experience on a strong working knowledge of a wide variety of facilities.



Head of Finance

Lia comes from a background in corporate finance and investment and is the head of our administration and finance departments. In addition, her capacity as Manager of Finance, she is responsible for all financial reporting, invoicing, payroll and superannuation.

Her areas of expertise include:

  • Systems and change management
  • Financial planning
  • Events management
  • Corporate finance
Want to know what we can do for you?

Meet the

Team Leaders

At HFM, we are ready to tackle projects of any size!

Based on your specific project requirements, we will bring together a team of our building efficiency professionals for their particular skill base.

Adrian Michael
Adrian Michaels
Lead Consultant, Sustainability
Alex Sejournee is the Lead Consultant of Building Improvement at HFM Asset Management
Alex Sejournee
Lead Consultant, Strategy
HFM NABERS assessor Niamh
Niamh Kennedy
Team Leader, Energy & Water
Tayla Knox is a Consultant at HFM Asset Management
Tayla Knox
Team Leader, CMMS
Beth Morris is a Electrical Engineering Consultant at HFM Asset Management
Beth Morris
Team Leader, Building Improvement
Ramin Danesfaleh HFM Asset Management
Ramin Danesfaleh
Team Leader, Renewables
Darren Wills is a Energy Consultant at HFM Asset Management
Darren Wills
Lead Consultant, Building Improvement
Peter Rice is an Engineering Consultant at HFM Asset Management
Peter Rice
Team Leader, Asset Management
Rojan Pandey is a Data Analyst at HFM Assets Management
Rojan Pandey
Lead Consultant, Energy & Water

HFM latest news

Our projects

15 Years Building Efficiency across all sectors.

What our clients say

Savills WA

Savills WA have utilised HFM Asset Management to provide engineering consulting services for the past 10 years.


Their knowledge and combined experience in; asset management, facility management, energy & water efficiency and engineering has helped Savills WA manage their buildings more effectively and ultimately provide value back to the owners.


We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend HFM Asset Management to other customers.

Head of Asset Management

“Primewest has utilised the services of HFM over the past years to ensure NABERS and CBD compliance across our portfolio; review, assess and provide advice on plant lifecycle management; tender and negotiate our energy and water contracts, and provide valuable ongoing technical support in relation to our assets.

HFM were instrumental in coordinating the works at one of our West Perth assets which improved the NABERS Rating from 0 Stars to 5 Stars and also in maintaining that performance over a number of years, this dramatic rise in the NABERS rating along with the enormous reduction in electricity costs resulted in lower outgoings and greater tenant retention at the property.

More recently HFM has provided a vital role in the refurbishment of 1 Forrest Place, a heritage listed mixed-use property in the CBD. With HFM’s assistance, the building is targeting NABERS 4.5 Stars through mechanical, electrical and lighting design”

Hardie Finance Corporation
Scott Collinson
Property and Asset Manager

I have worked with Ian and the staff at HFM for at least the last 10 years. They remain my first port of call for matters related to all things energy including electricity procurement, NABERS ratings and advice and importantly lifecycle costing for commercial property assets.

In my last role, with the assistance and guidance of the HFM team, we were able to achieve the second 5.5 star NABERS Energy rated building in WA, without Greenpower. This was a significant achievement through a close collaboration between our staff and the HFM team.

I would be happy to recommend HFM as the leading contractor in their field.

Charter Hall
Property Manager

I have worked with HFM for the last 3 ½ years and have found their service exceptional over that time. We engaged HFM to monitor our buildings efficiency via their TMAR reporting and advise of any issues and potential improvements to enhance NABERS ratings and tenant satisfaction.
With the help of HFM we reached and maintained a 5 ½ star NABERS Energy Rating 130 Stirling Street following development through to the buildings sale in April 2014.
HFM continue to provide us the latest information on building efficiency initiatives and recommendations tailored specifically to our buildings during our quarterly Energy Management Plan meetings.

TSA Group
Francis Stockwell
Manager Facilities Services

It hadn’t occurred to us to engage a building efficiency consultant, but a conversation about energy efficiency initiatives, while HFM were conducting a NABERS assessment for the landlord, lead to us engaging HFM to do exactly that.

This turned out to be one of the best things we have ever done and has started TSA down a path of significant savings on energy, environmental sustainability and an improved environment for our staff.

For us, what’s sets HFM apart, is their ability to convey their technical expertise into real-world solutions, where the benefits can be easily understood by both the business and the facilities team.

Venues Live
Dorian Hughes
Operations Manager

“HFM recently provided Electricity Procurement Services to the team at VenuesLive for Perth’s biggest stadium.

The high quality of service provided by HFM was not only aligned with our standards and requirements, but also the guidance HFM provided to our team throughout the process was clear, explaining complex concepts such as cost drivers of energy into easy-to-understand information for everyone involved.

HFM’s detailed examination of the contracted terms & conditions was key for the VenuesLive team to get an accurate understanding of the risks and obligations involved in energy supply contracts.”

Savills SNAP
Ian Perryman
Help Desk Co-ordinator

“The Administrator Training and subsequent Consultation Support from HFM was clear and simple and delivered with an understanding of our objectives. The face-to-face training with Tayla was well paced and focus was given to the key areas required for the team. During the initial SNAP rollout, time was given in a very flexible manner during the weekly consultation period plus quick responses to more urgent ad-hoc questions.”

“My role as Building Manager at this residential building is made easier each day with the use of myBuildings™. This is a very streamlined system that allows us to make direct contact with contractors that visit the site to perform the many maintenance and safety services we require to be fully compliant with safety, health and lifestyle requirements for tenancy within a residential complex.

The use of this program provides a one-stop shop for all of our needs in sourcing quotes, checking contracts, induction of contractors, requesting works, keeping a record of our contract and monthly reporting, keeping accurate contractor details, maintaining insurance records and for incident reporting within the complex. We have used this system now for nearly 5 years and I very quickly became fully conversant with this system when introduced as it makes so much sense and is extremely user-friendly.”

Mariska Zada
Group Property Manager
Silver Chain

HFM Asset Management was engaged to complete Life Cycle Costing, Asset Register & General Risk Compliance audits for several properties within the Silver Chain portfolio. This audit covered 37 buildings across WA and SA. The audits provided Silver Chain with a detailed asset register of serviceable plant and equipment along with a high-level holistic assessment of the overall condition of the building asset at each of the leased and owned properties.

The audit included a capital expenditure (CAPEX) budget with a list of any risk items and a comprehensive asset register. The info was uploaded into the myBuildings asset management and maintenance cloud-based system to facilitate future building services works. Read more »

Peter Holder
Brightwater Care Group Limited
Manager Property Services/Business Services

HFM has been providing multiple services to Brightwater Care Group for various consecutive years since 2015. The solutions provided by HFM have helped Brightwater’s portfolio reduce ongoing Energy & Gas Expenditure, develop detailed Asset Registers and identify the most suitable contractors for specific projects.

I would not hesitate to recommend HFM as the level of services offered by the HFM team was of high quality, delivered on time and within budget.

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