Hotel reduces 40% in whole of site energy consumption

Western Australia


This hotel was suffering issues with their air conditioning plant, which was reaching the end of its useful life, so they engaged HFM to undertake an investigation into this issue as well as the sites overall energy consumption.

The project involved HVAC/BMS and lighting upgrades, voltage optimiser, metering and management, as well as deployment of asset management and maintenance systems.

Key results include 4-Star NABERS Energy Rating and winning an environmental practice award.


A formal Level 2 Energy Audit and review was carried out and identified that the air conditioning system at the hotel was beyond its useful life and required upgrading. The audit also identified other works with the potential to improve the site’s energy performance including:

  • Improved maintenance on all major plant and equipment.
  • The installation of heat pump hot water systems, a lighting upgrade and the installation of performance management meters and systems.

HFM assisted this hotel in obtaining funding for these works through the Green Building Fund, an Australian Government Initiative offered by AusIndustry for projects aimed at reducing the greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption of existing commercial office buildings, hotels and shopping centres. The project received $451,507, half of the total project’s cost.

Planning & Implementation

  • Deployment of an Asset Management and maintenance Systems to manage all the major assets and plant and equipment at the site.
  • A voltage optimizer was installed to lower the threshold voltage to the whole site.
  • Replacement of the air conditioning units in all rooms of the hotel with inverter split systems.
  • The central air conditioning system, serving the restaurant, bars, reception and office areas, was also replaced with standalone high efficiency inverter cassette style units.
  • The hot water system, which previously consisted of 18 electric hot water units supplying the rooms and a gas storage unit supplying the laundry, was replaced with Quantum heat pump hot water storage units.
  • Energy metering was installed on the existing air conditioning units for 10 months and the hot water systems for 14 months, to obtain accurate data on the reduction in energy consumption.
  • A lighting upgrade was undertaken throughout the hotel with the existing 50W dichroic lamps in each room replaced by 10W LED lights.
  • The common area lighting was also replaced with LED lamps and all back of house lighting was upgraded from T8 to T5 fluorescents.
  • A BMS was installed to manage all air conditioning and public area exhaust systems.


Management Systems $9,000
HVAC/BMS Upgrade $655,000
Voltage Optimiser $45,000
Metering and Management $22,000
Lighting Upgrades $21,000
TOTAL $752,000


  • Achieved a 32% reduction in whole of site energy consumption between 2011 and 2012.
  • Achieved further 7.2% energy reduction between 2012 and 2013.
  • Achieved a 4-star NABERS Energy Rating.
  • Winner of the Best Environmental Practice Award.

Building Background

This 4-star hotel was constructed 36 years ago.

Performance Management Strategy

HFM was responsible for carrying out an energy audit and review for this hotel. This identified a range of measures for improving the hotel’s performance including air conditioning, lighting and hot water system upgrades as well as the installation of systems to allow for monitoring and energy management on an ongoing basis including sub metering and a BMS system.

Retrofit Technology

  • Installation of a new central chiller and associated controls.
  • Installation of power factor correction unit Renewables.
  • Installation of Solar PV system to the main building.

Installed sub-metering for performance management purposes to allow energy consumed within the site to be better accounted for. This metering system was strategically separated from the scope of the central plant BMS to facilitate an independent data capture platform for performance management of the mechanical plant and hot water systems.

  • Installation of energy efficient LED lamps in all hotel rooms and common areas.
  • Replacement of T8 fluorescent battens with T5 battens.

Commercial Factors

The property was required to operate as an ongoing concern throughout the refurbishment phase of the project.

Key Outcomes

  • Best Environmental Practice Award Australian Hotels Association
  • 4-Star NABERS Energy Rating
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