Inside Perth’s Optus Stadium.


HFM visited the Optus Stadium in Perth

HFM Perth’s team were lucky enough to be invited to a ‘nearly’ access all areas visit of the Optus Stadium.

Considering the facility had been open for close to 4 months and this would be my first visit, I was particularly excited.

The first thing you notice about the Optus Stadium is that other than the sheer imposing size of the stadium itself is the attention to detail.

From the winding pedestrian footpath with suspended aluminium bird-like plates to the concrete panels etched in the poetry of our indigenous landowners.

By this point, I had already decided on a return visit just to appreciate more of Stadium Park.


Once we entered through one of the Gate entrances, we headed straight up the steps for a look at the main attraction.

60,000+ seats, including over 300 enhanced amenity seats and 450 accessible viewing positions, surrounded by the natural and artificial playing surface.

Impressive to say the least! For our visit the Optus Stadium was decked out in Eagles branding; however, it was surprising to hear that the due to budget constraints, the majority of the home team branding and many of the advertisement boards need to be manually changed.

HFM visited the Optus Stadium in Perth
HFM visited the Optus Stadium in Perth


For some of the hardcore HFM footy fans, visiting the players warm up rooms, locker rooms, change rooms, de-briefing areas and rehab spas was an experience like no other.

You could picture what the atmosphere would be like minutes before a match was due to begin. Once we’d visited both the Fremantle Dockers & West Coast Eagles respective areas, we ventured to the Premium Corporate Field Club as well as HFM’s private Field Suite

It was great for all of the HFM team to visit our Field Suite and see where we invite our clients for an afternoon or evening of football.

Everyone could not believe how close we were to the field and all of the action that would take place!


We were quickly moved to the ground floor and shown some of the plant and equipment which helps to make it all possible. Firstly, the air conditioning chilled water plant room housing 2 large and 1 low load York chillers. Accompanying them were a multitude of pumps, some of the largest I have seen.

Deep in the catacombs we moved swiftly through a large commercial kitchen and passed thousands of spare cooking pans, crockery of all shapes and sizes and even head-height crates packed full of single-use sauces! It was at this point that the sheer volume and complexity of the logistics of operation became apparent.

HFM visited the Optus Stadium in Perth
HFM visited the Optus Stadium in Perth


A few metres away from us, where the players would usually enter the ground, were 6 grow light carts. Including portable artificial light carts spanning approximately 20 metres, fitted with 18 bulbs to provide light on demand for the shaded areas of the pitch.

To top off a great afternoon, we then retired to the nearby impressive Camfield Bar for some food and drinks at sunset where we all marvelled at the rollercoaster-like footbridge, soon to provide the finishing touches to this amazing complex!


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