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Silver Chain
Care Providers
HFM completed an asset register, life cycle costing and General Risk Compliance Audit for Silver Chain


Silver Chain is a non-for-profit organisation that delivers health and aged care services across Australia (WA, SA, QLD, NSW & VIC).

As a Care Provider, the performance and health of Silver Chain’s facilities is very important, and over the years, HFM has become a key ally to help them with this.

Some common issues experienced when managing properties/buildings of any type are:

  • Unawareness of future infrastructure capital works
  • Difficulties keeping track of all the assets
  • Risk compliance
  • Scheduling preventative maintenance across all assets

Objectives of the project

The main objectives of the project were to develop a comprehensive asset register across 37 buildings, review risk compliance, identify site’s future infrastructure capital costs and replace the existing outdated Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS) with the myBuildingsTM system.


The below approach was undertaken by HFM to achieve the objectives:

  • Asset Register: HFM developed a comprehensive asset register of all Building Structure, Building Fabric and Building Engineering Services across the portfolio.
  • Life Cycle Costing: Following the development of the Asset Register developed a life cycle costing model was undertaken of all the sites using condition and risk as drivers.
  • General Risk Compliance Audits During the various site inspections HFM undertook a compliance audit which includes items such as life safety systems and DDA access.
  • Implementation of the myBuildings platform.

Silver Chain’s previous system was outdated and not well utilised. The system was replaced the innovative cloud-based solution for efficient asset management and preventative maintenance scheduling.


HFM developed a detailed asset register of serviceable plant and equipment, a high-level holistic assessment of the overall condition of each building asset, an audit including a CAPEX budget, risks’ identification and finally the implementation of the myBuildingsTM Software.

Client's Feedback

Mariska Zada
Group Property Manager
Silver Chain

HFM Asset Management was engaged to complete Life Cycle Costing, Asset Register & General Risk Compliance audits for several properties within the Silver Chain portfolio. This audit covered 37 buildings across WA and SA. The audits provided Silver Chain with a detailed asset register of serviceable plant and equipment along with a high-level holistic assessment of the overall condition of the building asset at each of the leased and owned properties.

The audit included a capital expenditure (CAPEX) budget with a list of any risk items and a comprehensive asset register. The info was uploaded into the myBuildings asset management and maintenance cloud-based system to facilitate future building services works. Read more »

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