Christmas Celebrations 2018.

HFM Staff Christmas Party

HFM team group photo for the Christmas party in 2018 with Perth City and the Swan river in the background

On Friday the 14th of December, HFM staff came together from all over the country to celebrate the staff Christmas Party in Perth.

Prior to the party, Managing Director Ian Knox and HFM’s Chairman of the board, Peter Williams gave a presentation where they gave an overview of the many achievements made during the year and the way forward. They also unveiled the company’s new website, which has been worked on for some time between Andrea Quintero (HFM’s Business Strategy & Marketing Coordinator), and the team from Pixel Group Australia. Ian and Peter then spoke about the company’s vision, mission, values and brand pillars; focusing on the importance of respect, teamwork, inclusion, integrity and the love of the work.

Not an ordinary Secret Santa

The fun started well before lunch with a Secret Santa game. The maximum spend was $10, so people had to be imaginative when buying gifts. This is no ordinary Secret Santa! – Numbers are randomly distributed across the team, lower numbers start selecting and unwrapping gifts.

When it’s time to choose a gift, the chooser might like a gift somebody has already chosen, so if they have a higher number, they can steal it! – People who chose the Toblerones didn’t keep them long. The thief then had them stolen by the next person, and so on ad infinitum!

Goodbye Alan

Following this, we all gathered in the kitchen area to celebrate a particularly special day. Alan Saunders, who had been with HFM for 12 years, was retiring. Staff and the Company gave Alan a number of thoughtful gifts, which were received with much hilarity (the swear jar), and disbelief (the caravan fridge).

Alan and Ian both gave very emotional speeches, and Alan said “after having various jobs through his life, HFM was the only company where his boss became his friend” – Alan, with his unique sense of humour, will be very much missed around the office.

Property Council of Australia WA – Christmas Lunch

Property Council of Australia Christmas lunch 2018

On the 6th of December, some of our team members, along with our guests from Core Vision Pty Ltd enjoyed the Property Council of Australia WA’s Christmas Lunch & afterparty held in Crown Perth.

Arts and Comedy

Famous comedian Jimeoin did a great job entertaining the crowd, while artist Shakey Jakey painted an amazing image of Perth, live on stage during the course of the lunch.

Mission Australia

This great event gathered over 1,000 industry professionals, who showed their support towards a wonderful cause, raising about $30,000 for Mission Australia to help families find a safe home this Christmas.

Congratulations to Property Council for organising this fun day and for raising almost $90,000 towards Mission Australia over the past 12 months.

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