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HFM is not a global company – but we might as well be.

While our offices and portfolios only reach as far as the length of WA and the east coast, our team is truly international.

During a recent training day, we were delighted and somewhat surprised to learn just how diverse our backgrounds are.

It’s not uncommon to hear snippets of Spanish around the office, with 3 of our number from Colombia. Nor is it unusual to enjoy delicious handmade European or Middle Eastern desserts on peoples’ birthdays.

However, we were surprised to discover that one of the directors was born in Trinidad, that someone grew up speaking Welsh not English, that another person grew up in the shadow of the Himalayas, and that one person has published many academic articles in his home country of Iran.

Apart from the obvious benefits (Hungarian tiramisu anyone?), it is a delight to be part of this international blend: it promotes a thriving office culture of open-mindedness, shared interests, and curiosity.

Many of our colleagues are multi-lingual, and we can count Persian, Welsh, Hungarian, French, Spanish and Nepali among the languages spoken here.

Being a solutions-based company, the cultural diversity of our workforce allows us to think laterally, and approach problem-solving with greater creativity. With colleagues hailing from Trinidad, Zimbabwe, England, Wales, Budapest, Nepal, Iran, Colombia and various parts of Australia, we can truly call ourselves an “international company.”

Multi-culturalism has always been a cornerstone of the Australian identity, and we are proud to uphold the tradition of acceptance, cooperation and friendship here at HFM.

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