Insight Into HFM’s 15 Years of Building Efficiency.

Insight into HFM’s 15 Years of Building Efficiency

The HFM team gathered in the Australia Place building lobby

HFM recently celebrated its 15-year anniversary surrounded by its team, respective clients and contractors as well as some family. HFM has transformed from a small consulting firm in Osborne Park consisting of a few staff to now over 40 staff, with 4 primary offices located in Sydney, Perth, Melbourne & Brisbane, as well as personnel in Germany, UK & South Africa. The team is made up of a diverse & innovative range of individuals as a result of the company’s values of equality and inclusion.

There is quite an extraordinary story behind the company’s establishment and its journey starting from a one-man-band which is HFM’s Managing Director – Ian Knox.

Significant growth one step at a time

From then on there were a number of milestones which has led the company to its significant growth and success today. Some of these include:

  • 2003 – Ian created a new firm called “Hotel FM” consisting of facility management advice to hotel owners. Ian won his first official contract with Accor’s Formule 1 Hotels under his new business.
  • 2005 – Early in this year, an office was opened up in Osborne Park and Ian employed the first of many staff including Damien Moran, Matt Holmes, Gary Millar & Shirley McClelland
  • 2006 – Office expansion in the ground floor of Osborne Park office to accommodate more staff
  • 2009 – The company was rebranded to “HFM Asset Management” due to the customer base no longer being predominantly hotel customers. The team then expanded to consist of electrical & mechanical engineers, environmental scientists, data analysts, finance and bookkeeping, facility support advisors & IT Support.
  • 2010 to 2015 – HFM’s service offerings and sophistication was evolving rapidly and growing. Ian had earnt his reputation and was held in high regard in the as-built environment.
  • Late 2015 – HFM moved into the Big Smoke! Into the Perth CBD to expand both internal activities as well as the client base.
  • 2016 – An advisory board was established as well as new shareholders to push management and the team to be innovative and keep striving for more success
  • 2016 to Current – HFM has since formed key strategic partnerships with Core Vision & Energy-Tec in order to continue to be able to deliver innovative building efficiency solutions for its clients.
  • 2018 – HFM’s new logo was officially launched during the first celebration of the company’s 15-Year Anniversary, which was held in Perth on the 10th of October.

All of the team at HFM are proud to have experienced such a great culture, work environment and expansion of their own professional development journey through the great support and leadership from management and most of all, Ian.

HFM Asset Management is set to continue to expand and grow in the years to come and looks forward to continuing to support its clientele with holistic engineering consulting solutions.

HFM’s history

To try and sum up Ian’s wealth of knowledge, experience and where it all began, there is a snapshot below in short:

  • Chief Engineer, Park Royal Hotel, Perth 1986 – 1987
  • Chief Engineer, Novotel Langley Hotel 1987 – 1999
  • Regional Engineering Manager, Quality Pacific Hotels 1989 – 1994 (3 daughters in here also)
  • Engineering Manager, Accor Asia Pacific Hotels 1994 – 2001
  • Australian “Energy Manager of the Year”, 1989 (All industries)
  • Founding President, Australian Institute of Hotel Engineering 1989 – 1998
  • Chairman, Australian Hotels Association Environmental Awards 2008 to Current
  • Technical Advisor to the Australian Hotels Association

A Leap of Faith

Ian took the leap of faith in 2001 and resigned with Accor Hotels to set off on his own endeavour with 3 young children to support and established his own private consultancy called HEC Consulting working from home.

HEC consisted of engineering consulting advice to hotels, pubs and taverns mainly. Ian’s wife supported him throughout this transition and leap which Ian says was fundamental to his success.

There is quite an extraordinary story behind the company’s establishment and its journey starting from a one-man-band which is HFM’s Managing Director, Ian Knox.
We offer tailored Engineering Solutions to improve the efficiency of any type of site, anywhere in Australia.

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