2020 Flexible Working Day

Reframing flexibility for the future

HFM Asset management celebrated flexible working day

Flexible Working Day recently hosted their 2020 virtual celebrations to mark the day. This time, it coincided with communities and companies around the world, having to adapt, reinvent themselves and work remotely due to the challenges imposed by COVID-19.

This year’s theme was “Reframing Flexibility for the Future” and it was focused on the importance of taking a proactive action, adapting, and preparing businesses as well as people’s careers for the future.


A total of 20 business leaders, from various locations across Australia, were invited to share insights about their successful strategies and tips.

Keynote speakers were:


Six live interactive talks and panel discussions were broadcasted online and focused on various topics, as follows:

HFM’s Participation

Ian Knox is the Managing Director at HFM Asset Management

Ian Knox – Managing Director

Ian was one of the 20 leaders (Australia-wide), invited to the 2020 Virtual Summit.

His presentation was focused on “Building a culture based on trust, communication and autonomy” where he shared tips and insights into HFM’s flexible work arrangements which have been progressively implemented over the past decade and have proved to be successful, as HFM was awarded: Australia’s 2019 Champion of Flexible Work, Small Companies Category.

The Virtual Summit can be accessed via www.flexibleworkingday.com

Women in Property Andrea Quintero

Andrea Quintero – Business Strategy & Marketing Coordinator

Andrea was appointed as an Ambassador since 2019 by Flexible Working Day and in 2020 was invited to join one of their interactive live panels: “Flex for Health” alongside the following panellists:

The panel session was hosted by Vanessa Vanderhoek and can be viewed in the below video:

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