Tips for working from home

Technology has generated life-changing opportunities that would seem impossible just a few decades ago, such as working from home. This has evolved so quickly, that statistics of people working remotely are constantly increasing, and flexible-work arrangements are starting to become a norm.

As a consequence of the recent COVID-19 pandemic; many companies around the world have been “forced” to suddenly implement working-from-home practices across their teams to maintain their operations. This means, that many employees are currently adapting to work from home, and getting used to their new daily routines.

But is everyone prepared to work from home? – We’ve asked our team of experienced remote-workers for their secrets to effectively work from home, maintaining their productivity and here’s what they recommended:


Before getting started, it’s important to take the time and consideration to ensure your home office is properly set up & meets ergonomic principles. In other words, establishing your home-office space and the related tools such as: table, chair, lighting, computer, Wi-Fi speed, etc.

Have a daily routine

A normal routine, including a safe (in the current situation) outdoor activity such as a walk or indoor exercise once or twice a day is very important for managing mental health.

Schedule your work & regular breaks

Additional to having a normal routine, it’s also important to schedule work as you would at the office, having clear start/finish times and making sure to schedule in work and breaks.

Staying connected

Having an effective communication with your team (just like you would at the office). This is very important for two reasons: firstly, to ensure information-sharing and teamwork are continuous and remain uninterrupted and secondly for the social component, as some people might feel lonely and isolated when working from home.

Setup the ambiance

Working at home is a great opportunity to set up the work environment to you own taste – temperature, music, whistling/singing in the office!? Don’t forget to enjoy it.

Switch off at the end of the day

The lines can be blurred between home and office and it’s important to have a proper transition for your mental wellbeing. Shut down your computer at the end of your day and relax.

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