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If you own a unit or an apartment that is part of a Strata Scheme in Western Australia, keep reading…

A new legislation became effective in Western Australia on the 1 May 2020; this reform aims to prepare WA for the future by updating the Strata Titles Act 1985; it represents both opportunities and responsibilities for lot owners.

With these changes, owners should seek a combination of different services for their Strata Scheme to take advantage of arising opportunities as well as comply with the new norms. At HFM we offer solutions that will help Councils of Owners across WA get ready for some of the upcoming changes.

In this article, we’ll answer some of the common questions regarding the WA Strata Reform based on what we know so far.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does this benefit lot owners and buyers?

Some of these changes will help lot owners and buyers be better informed of the common property’s management procedures.

WA Strata Reform are you ready?

What type of changes became effective?

The new act has over 280 pages, so there are many changes, some of them are: solar energy opportunities, compulsory reserve funds and 10-year maintenance plans for common areas.

When was the last time that this happened?

34 years ago! – Think about how much things have changed since 1985 – This new legislation aims to improve the by-laws and respond to current needs.

Who can help our Council of Owners get ready?

We can help! – HFM is an Engineering Consultancy with over 15 years in the market and is currently helping strata schemes across WA get prepared to comply with the upcoming technical requirements.

As a lot owner what should I do?

Talk to the Council of Owners and Strata Manager and ask them about this. It’s recommended for the Council of Owners to start seeking information about this and preparing for the upcoming changes.

We are here to help!

HFM is currently a member of the “WA Strata Reform Education Group” established by LookUpStrata – This group aims to provide informal guidance through a series of articles published at www.lookupstrata.com.au which are developed by specialists from different backgrounds.

The other companies that are part of this group are: Capita Finance, Civic LegalPSC Property LYNC Insurance Brokers, Westside Fire Services & Strata Title Consult.

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