Organisational Structure Changes.

Welcome back to 2015!!

Organisational Structure Changes

The New Year has seen some changes to the HFM leadership team, with the appointment of Matt Holmes as Director of Operations and Rod Cridge as Head of Facilities Management.

The key changes are outlined below:

  • Appointment of Matt Holmes as an executive director. His new title is Director of Operations. Matt is responsible for consulting operations (as per his previous role) however his duties now include facilities management and support operations.
  • Bevan Tyler takes on additional responsibilities for Administration Management whilst leading the energy procurement and systems services.
  • Lia Steeger retains Manager of Finance.
  • Appointment of Rod Cridge as Head of the Facilities Management (FM) Department.
  • Alex Sejournee will be playing a greater role in managing contracted scopes and obligations for existing and upcoming contracts, while working closely with Matt.

Following our recent leadership coaching program, these changes have been made as part of a holistic company structural review.

The intent is to facilitate a working environment that encourages creativity, respect and job satisfaction, while delivering to the best of our respective capacities.

We look forward to a positive 2015!

If you have questions or comments for HFM, please feel free to visit our contact page.

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