HFM Asset Management Wins WA Partnership Award.

2014 CitySwitch Progress Report and Awards Ceremony

HFM Wins the WA Partnership Award

HFM Asset Management and the RAC have taken out the 2014 CitySwitch WA Partnership Award for outstanding achievements in office energy efficiency.

HFM was awarded for:

  • Pilot collaboration with Curtin University
  • Expansion of the City Switch community
  • Facilitation of partnerships with 10 other signatories and
  • Delivery of Energy Action Plans to six signatories.

Real-life examples in commercial buildings to Educate students

Matt Holmes spoke enthusiastically about his work with Curtin University, and stressed the importance of being able to “educate students on real-life examples in commercial buildings.”

Matt is proud of HFM’s role in “assisting to bridge the gap between assessor and tenants,” citing communication as a key factor in working towards an energy efficient future.

CitySwitch is an Australia-wide program run mainly by local governments working with commercial office tenants to improve their energy efficiency.

Members of the Green Office Signatory are committed to raising efficiency awareness and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, ensuring that Australia remains at the forefront of future innovative collaborations.

WA has the highest level of engagement with CitySwitch, at 83%, compared to the other states’ 63%, and HFM is proud to be part of Perth’s commitment to energy resilience.

To learn more, please feel free to contact us.

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