HFM’s 2019 Christmas Weekend Celebration

A Christmas like no other

Nearing the end of another successful year, the HFM team celebrated the Christmas 2019 with a weekend trip to Cervantes, Western Australia.

HFM's Christmas Party 2019

HFM’s 2019 Christmas celebration combined the company’s traditional celebration with a great twist; to once again thank team members for their ongoing efforts and remind them each of them is valued as a key member of our team.

The tradition
It’s tradition – Each year, HFM Asset Management brings team members from across Australia to Perth for a fun celebration (usually a delicious lunch with a great view, followed by a party)

The twist
This year, the celebration evolved from a ½ day activity to 2 ½ days of fun activities where team members and their families were treated to an action-packed itinerary to entertain all.

Strategy Session

The management team took off on the afternoon of Thursday 12th December to work on HFM’s strategy for 2020 on Friday before the rest of the team arrived.

Pinnacles Edge Resort & Cervantes Pinnacles Motel

On Friday afternoon team members and families arrived at Cervantes. Staff stayed at the Pinnacles Edge Resort & Cervantes Pinnacles Motel which are conveniently located right next to each other. After checking in, it was time to get going with the first group activity!

Sunset at Pinnacles Desert

This was a great experience for everyone, the orange sky above The Pinnacles Dessert was the perfect backdrop to kick off the celebrations. A brief tour was provided by one of HFM’s guests, Alejandro Martinez from Pixel Group.

Pizza Night & Secret Santa

After watching the sunset, it was time to head back to Pinnacles Edge Resort & Cervantes Pinnacles Motel. Children were surprised by HFM’s “unique” Santa Claus who handed over gifts.

Then pizza, drinks and live music accompanied HFM’s typical Secret Santa game (which involves “stealing” other people’s gifts).

Bill Kozic’s 10th Work-versary!

Right after the Secret Santa fun, Bill Kozic (HFM’s Facilities Portfolio Manager), received a well-deserved gift and recognition for recently celebrating 10 years working for HFM. Team members and families applauded and toasted for Bill’s milestone.

Hummer Thrill Ride – Lancelin Sand Dunes

A dozen of adventure-seekers got up quite early on Saturday morning to head off to Lancelin for a thrill ride in a hummer (Humvee) across the famous Sand Dunes! – This activity was hosted by Scott Bryce from Thrill Rides Perth.

Lobster Factory Tour

Families enjoyed getting an insight into Cervantes’ Lobster Shack and learning about their processes. Then it was time to enjoy their delicious food along with some refreshments.
The factory tour was followed by a boat trip that brought the HFM family up close and personal with the local seal population!

Corporate Bowls

Guests had fun playing lawn bowls at Cervantes Country Club. It all came down to the last group standing where the Aussie team won against the European team!

Christmas Dinner Reception & Quiz Night

Christmas Dinner Reception

HFM’s Christmas Dinner Reception was hosted at Pinnacles Edge Resort’s function room. The live music provided the perfect ambience for the festive mood that could be seen around.

Quiz Night

After dinner, an incredibly fun quiz night, hosted by HFM’s Energy Consultant Darren Wills and his daughter Jamie, took place. The quiz night involved, dancing, surprise games, song-guessing, flag-stealing and of course (being an Engineering Consultancy) a “build the tallest standalone structure” with straws and Blu Tack.

Special thank you

The celebration wouldn’t have been the same without the support of:

  • Ian Knox (HFM’s Managing Director), for putting together this great celebration.
  • Our Quiz-night Price Sponsors (and clients):
  • Guests that took ownership of the planned activities:
    • Darren & Jamie Wills for planning and hosting the Quiz Night
    • Scott Bryce from Performance/Thrill Rides Perth for hosting the hummer thrill ride in Lancelin Sand Dunes
    • Alejandro Martinez from Pixel Group Australia for sharing his knowledge about The Pinnacles Dessert during HFM’s dusk tour.

Supporting local tourism

The weekend celebration highlighted the variety of activities and great quality of services offered in the region. The HFM team would like to encourage others to visit the area and would highly recommend the below listed companies, who offered high quality services to our group, during the celebration:

We offer tailored Engineering Solutions to improve the efficiency of any type of site, anywhere in Australia.

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