NABERS for Data Centres

NABERS For Data Centres

Data Centres are also able to benchmark their sustainability performance with a NABERS rating.

NABERS energy ratings for data centres is a set of performance metrics tools for evaluating the energy efficiency and environmental impact of networked computer facilities.

Our team of accredited assessors and engineers is ready to assist you in obtaining a remarkable performance of your datacentre building, infrastructure and equipment.

We offer tailored Engineering Solutions to improve the efficiency of Data Centres, anywhere in Australia.

What NABERS Data Centre rating do you need?

IT Equipment Rating

Who is this rating for?

Companies who own or manage their own IT equipment (including servers, storage devices, network equipment) and don’t manage data centre support services such as air conditioning, lighting and security.

What does it rate?

It rates the energy consumption related to the IT equipment.

Infrastructure Rating

Who is this rating for?

Owners and managers of data centres. It is suitable for co-location centres where only the cooling and power delivery systems are provided by the operator.

What does it rate?

It measures the energy efficiency related to the cooling and power delivery systems.

Whole Facility Rating

Who is this rating for?

Organisations that not only manage but also occupy a data centre.

What does it rate?

This rating is a combination of the IT Equipment and the Infrastructure ratings; in other words, it rates the energy consumption of running the data centre.


Key Benefits

For performing a NABERS rating:

  • Identify incorrect billing
  • Reduce energy costs
  • Understand the energy usage
  • Remove energy wastage
  • Green credentials

NABERS Ratings for Different Spaces

NABERS for offices can be used to rate the whole building, base building or tenancy…

The NABERS for Apartment Buildings tool represents an advantage for the residential sector…

NABERS for shopping centres rates the energy and water consumption that is management by a shopping centre owner…

NABERS ratings for Hotels measure the environmental efficiency for various hotels across Australia…

Data Centres are also able to benchmark their sustainability performance with a NABERS rating…

Do you require a NABERS RATING?

NABERS is an Australian rating system that measures the environmental performance of apartment buildings, office buildings, office tenancies, shopping centres, data centres and hotels; ranking these using a 6-star scale.

NABERS is managed by the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage on behalf of the Australian, state and territory governments.


HFM has one of the largest and most experienced teams of NABERS accredited assessors across Australia.

We perform NABERS & BEEC ratings for offices, tenancies, apartment buildings, shopping centres, hotels and data centres

Our primary business is driving efficient outcomes for our clients; to find out more contact one of our friendly team members now.

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