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A coastal wind farm generating renewable energy

21 Jul: The Journey towards Net Zero

Net Zero Emissions refers to achieving an overall balance between the addition of greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere through production activities such as burning fossil fuels and the removal of greenhouse gas emissions from the atmosphere through substitution or reduction related activities such as switching to renewable energy or planting new forests.

Nabers rating for hotels Melbourne

08 Jul: Fee-Free NABERS Assessments

NABERS recently announced Fee-Free NABERS Ratings for the 2020-21 Financial Year across all sectors! Rating the environmental performance of your building or tenancy (with a NABERS Rating), will help you understand its current performance and whether improvements are needed or not. – HFM’s experienced team of NABERS Assessors can help you.

Residential Strata Apartment Buildings

07 Jul: Strata & Energy

Has the future of energy at your Strata Complex been considered? Has any consideration been made for safeguarding your complex against changing energy prices? Here are some of the solutions that could make a difference in your Strata Complex.

197 St Georges Terrace Project

30 Jun: AEMO Capacity Charge Mitigation Plan

HFM has been running the Capacity Charge Mitigation Program since the 2017-18 Capacity Year for clients across all sectors. The program consists of reducing energy consumption during summer, on nominated days at specific times (advised by HFM’s knowledgeable team) and has proved to be successful saving thousands of dollars of energy-related costs for subscribed buildings across all sectors, each year.

Info energy management plan

11 May: Energy Costs for WA Companies during COVID-19

It’s no secret that the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted people and the economy around the world in many different ways; but there is an energy-related cost that some businesses across Western Australia, might be unaware of and this relates to the underlying Western Power Network charges associated on some sites under a contracted supply

It's time to give Earth a 60-minute break for Earth Hour 2019

30 Mar: Earth Hour 2020

Our approach to Earth Hour this year is an open invitation to our team members, clients, friends and family to participate in the Earth Hour campaign. Together, we can take this opportunity to look at the stars!

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17 Mar: Responding to COVID-19

HFM Asset Management, has been closely following the rapid evolution of the Covid-19 pandemic both in Australia and the rest of the world. The health and wellbeing of our valued staff, clients, contractors and partners is very important to us; therefore, in response to the current Coronavirus outbreak, we have implemented internal measures to reduce risks of further spread of the virus.