Energy Procurement

Commercial energy efficiency starts with smart electricity procurement.


Reduce energy consumption in a building or site

Are you paying too much for your site’s electricity?

For almost two decades our engineers and energy consultants have secured the best energy rates for our clients, negotiating key terms and saving combined millions of dollars every year.

Our goal is to achieve the best outcome for the property being tendered. HFM pride ourselves in being an independent, fee for service consultant, we are not aligned with any energy retailer and primary objective is to secure the best energy rates available.

We offer tailored Engineering Solutions to improve the energy efficiency of any type of site, anywhere in Australia.


We can help save your business thousands of dollars  in Energy Costs.

Reduce the utility costs of running your building or site; our energy and water consultants will you guide you on any energy contracting related decisions across your site or portfolio.

We help by identifying the best suited contracting structure for your site, this action alone can provide significant savings in energy costs.

We have a wealth of knowledge surrounding the energy markets across Australia and are keen to educate our clients with some clever learning that can help them reduce energy costs.

Why use HFM’s Procurement Services?

  • Experience: We have track-record of securing the best electricity and gas rates for our clients, saving combined millions of dollars every year.
  • We are not fixed to any particular supplier: We receive no commissions, removing conflicts of interest – meaning that you get transparent and unbiased information.
  • Once off payment – No trailing commission.
  • One-stop-shop: Our core business is to help clients improve the efficiency of their assets; you’ll benefit from having HFM as your as-built one-stop-shop, some of the main advantages are:
    • Save time – Quicker turnaround
    • Better communication
    • Lower costs
    • Better service fit – We get to know your assets and work with you to help your site achieve better results.
  • Benefit from our holistic approach – Some of our services include:
    •  Energy / Water Audits
    • Solar Feasibility Studies
    • Mechanical and Electrical Engineering services
    • NABERS Ratings (Across all industries)
    • Project Management of Infrastructure Upgrades (e.g. Metering)


inspect, survey and analyse your building’s energy use to improve and optimise its energy conservation.

How does your property compare to energy and water benchmarks for similar buildings?

Measuring is the first step to improve, therefore water & energy auditing are critical to trace a continuous improvement route for energy & water efficiency. Our energy and water consultants will perform regular inspections coupled with analysis of your sites’ historical performance, to track and help you make informed decisions about your building energy and water performance.

What do you get?

HFM will:

  • Recommend to you with different actions or scenarios to be undertaken
  • Develop a comprehensive budget
  • Calculate your return on investment (ROI) expected

This means you’ll be able to make rational decisions about how to allocate your resources to achieve the best value for energy savings.

Info energy management plan


Your building needs a strategic plan to achieve energy efficiency


We will guide your company, site or portfolio on how to improve energy efficiency.


At HFM, we develop customised Energy Management Roadmaps that articulate the required measures to reduce energy consumption and achieve formal targets (such as NABERS Star Rating, Greenstar Performance, etc).


Each of our Energy Management Plan (EMP) is a systematic and evolving plan which is progressively updated and permanently improving as energy reduction measures and efficiency improvements are implemented and new ones developed.


We work closely with our clients and meet regularly with all stakeholders to review the progress, milestones achieved and drive the implementation of each recommendation in our report.


Our improvement recommendations are based on expert knowledge, thorough site investigation and analysis conducted by our engineers and consultants, usually during an initial Energy Audit or inspection.


Yardstick, our building efficiency tool will help you Monitoring your utilities and CO2, via Yardstick, our powerful cloud-based monitoring and report platform, you can be in control of your site’s performance and energy consumption.

How does this relate to energy or water procurement?

By regular tracking and monitoring of a buildings end uses of energy and water, any issues can be quickly detected. This may prompt a review of certain consumption trends and flag out where efficiency improvements can be made, thus assisting in maintaining steady utility costs.


We make a difference through Engineering Guidance.

From feasibility studies for a solar panel power generation system to installation and monitoring of its performance; HFM provides independent advice and solutions that will make a difference in your solar power and renewable energy journey.

You can save money and reduce energy consumption with onsite generation in the form of:

  • Battery storage
  • Solar PV
  • Embedded network
  • Microgrid arrangements.

If you are interested in renewable power, installing onsite generation to reduce grid consumption and energy costs for your asset, we will make sure the site, its electrical infrastructure and energy contracts are ready for renewable energy to streamline the process and maximise the benefits for you.

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