Energy cost reduction during COVID-19

Network Tariff reset

The issue

Businesses impacted by forced or indirect closures during the COVID-19 pandemic may continue to be impacted by partially fixed energy costs associated with the site’s electricity supply arrangements. Whilst consumption may be reduced, Western Power Network charges may remain and are often formulated under a tariff structure based on the previously known electricity load profile of the site.

Depending on the electricity contract structure of the site, failure to address this matter will see a continuation of roughly 30% of what was your previous electricity bill continues to affect your cash flow.

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HFM’s solution

At HFM Asset Management, we have track-record of securing the best electricity and gas rates for our clients, saving combined millions of dollars every year. We have a clear understanding of the Energy Market and during these challenging times, our team is now helping clients across various sectors, by reviewing and negotiating an adjustment to their Western Power Network Tariff.

If you are interested in this service, this is how it works:
HFM will undertake an analysis of your reduced electricity to ensure;

  • The building electricity consumption has reduced adequately to maximise the effectiveness of the tariff adjustment
  • Ascertain the optimal tariff suitable for your site and the change in load profile

Once established, HFM will instruct the retailer to issue the request to alter the Network Tariff to a reduced and suitable tariff Subject to Western Power approval.

Importantly, ongoing monitoring whilst under a mothballed environment is critical to ensure no risk exists for the site exceed network charges benefits should the consumption alter during this period.

On resumption of improved trade, HFM will act quickly to request resumption of a more suitable tariff subject to electricity load.

Data required

HFM will require the following information prior to commencing the tender:

  • Access to historic data, click here to provide your consent for HFM to access the related energy data.
  • HFM will need to form and understanding of current and immediate future business operational status to evaluate the correct applicable tariff.

HFM Supporting the hospitality sector

As a way to support the hospitality sector during these difficult times, HFM is offering a special discount to members of the Australian Hotels Association (AHA), so please let us know if you are a member.

If you have any enquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact us via email on: [email protected] or via phone on 1300 021 420.

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